8-foot-snake mistaken for backyard garden hose by Lengthy Island home owner

Backyard hoses generally do not slither.

A large snake was captured right after it was spotted in the driveway of a Very long Island dwelling. According to reviews, the house owner initially imagined the snake was a back garden hose she forgot to place absent.

The Suffolk County Police wrangled the snake and were being in a position to include it in a large garbage can after capturing the snake in the Deer Park community, News 12 reviews. Though officials mentioned that they imagine that the 8-foot-extended animal was a boa constrictor, some animal professionals feel it may possibly be a further sort of snake.


According to a pet retailer operator that spoke with the news outlet, it could really have been a Burmese python. This species of snake has turn out to be notorious more than the previous quite a few years soon after turning into an invasive species in Florida. They are ordinarily not uncovered in the New York location.

Whilst Burmese pythons generally don’t pose too a lot of a hazard to people, Reside Science experiences that they can be acknowledged to assault other animals as significant as deer.

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Meanwhile, boa constrictors are normally not regarded unsafe to adult people, though Snakes for Pets does not endorse permitting kids to handle them.

Both way, people in Deer Park are reportedly anxious about their modest animals. One particular resident instructed News 12 that she would be retaining her small dog in the residence for the time being in scenario there are any other unfastened snakes. Neither species is indigenous to New York and the Burmese python is unlawful to individual in the area.

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It is continue to unclear where the snake arrived from or how it obtained loose.